Employer Engagement

The Suthers School welcomes contact from employers, training providers and colleges. There are many ways in which you and your organisation can participate in collaborating with the school, to help shape the workforce of the future. At the same time, involvement in this activity can enhance and address the training needs of your employees in developing the key personal and work skills essential to create a thriving and successful enterprise operating in the private or public sectors. Young people need access to quality experiences in order to prepare them for the opportunities, experiences and challenges that the future world of work has to offer.

You, your employees and your company could be the key to unlocking the potential that is present in every young person currently making their way through the education system. Employees volunteer their time to give young people the best chance to succeed in an ever increasing competitive and global job market, and some of those young people could become part of your workforce in the future. Some companies have taken the strategic decision to use specific opportunities to help them to identify their future apprentices; as they have the chance to see at first-hand how individual young people cope with the discipline, opportunities and challenges of tackling real industry problems, working as individuals and as members of a team. The purpose of this section is to help you clarify the benefits that you as the employers/employees will seek to gain by working with The Suthers School.

If you are interested in working with The Suthers School, please contact Mrs J Pettit, Careers Leader.

Email: jpettit@suthersschool.co.uk

Telephone:01636 957690

May 2024


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