Pastoral Care

At The Suthers School your child's Form Tutor will play a key role in ensuring their continuing happiness, well-being and academic success. Tutors serve as the first point of contact between school and home and will play an instrumental role in helping your child develop the skills and character strengths needed to thrive within and beyond school.

Monitoring Progress

Every half term, Form Tutors meet with every member of their class to review their Approach to Learning report. Approach to Learning (AtoL) scores are provided by all of your child’s subject teachers. When determining a grade, teachers consider three key aspects of your child’s attitude to learning: effort, behaviour and independent study. The criteria we use to make judgments about a child’s AtoL are designed to reinforce the five key character strengths (TORCH) and can be found in our parent handbook.

We know that the transition to secondary school is not always easy and that young people can face significant challenges within and beyond school. We take great pride in the culture of care and mutual support we have developed and as your child progresses through The Suthers School, their attainment and well-being will be closely monitored, ensuring that students are recognised and rewarded when they succeed and supported when things are more difficult.

You will receive timely updates on your child's progress through regular reports, online data, parent consultation events and parents' evenings – and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.