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We are committed to meeting the educational needs of all our pupils and some of our children will need additional support. A Special Educational Need (SEN) is a difficulty or barrier that affects a child's ability to learn and to access the curriculum. A Disability is a long term health condition which causes a difficulty or barrier to learn or to access the curriculum.

We will facilitate the support of these pupils by following these objectives:

  • Involve parents/carers as partners
  • Provide, provision for meeting pupils’ special educational needs, the setting and marking of work appropriate to the individual need of the child, and where necessary through the development of individual or group learning programmes.
  • Foster and maintain links with all outside agencies, educational support services and stakeholders.
  • Initiate and facilitate staff development programmes concerned with special educational needs.
  • Ensure that our school provides for equal access in line with the Disability Discrimination Act.

Legislation ensures that a Special Needs Code of Practice is followed by all schools to provide appropriate opportunities for pupils with special needs. We welcome this framework at the school to ensure that each pupil's needs are met with existing resources. The school's SEND Information Report and Trust SEND Policy, can be located via the links.

The Local Offer can be found via this link: SEND Local Offer for Nottinghamshire County Council

Our Special Educational Needs Team is lead by Mr Buckberry and Miss Bentley. Families can contact them via the school office or by telephone on 01636 957690. For more information, please visit our Suthers SEND Padlet.

Our SEND Link Governor is Michelle Waddell, who can be contacted via the school office.

July 2024


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