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Our aim is to bring a real-world focus to Science lessons and by incorporating Science and DT together in one curriculum area we are able to do exactly that; in Year 7 for example, students follow a scheme of work which enables real-world application and realisation of scientific theory such as through the construction of model cars and boats to test the laws of forces and motion as well as the creation of 3D cell models using a range of craft and modelling techniques.

As with each of the core subjects at The Suthers School, students follow the Progress Board Scheme of Work and will spend equal time studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In fact, In order to make links with the demands of GCSE the pupils are taught in discreet topics of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The scheme of work is designed to be investigation-led so pupils acquire the necessary scientific skills and students are encouraged to complete challenging work so they secure ambitious rates of progress in lessons. During science lessons students will have the opportunity to develop and learn many new skills including:

  • Investigative skills through experiments
  • Scientific enquiry by asking ‘why?’
  • Numeracy: graph drawing, calculating the mean, completing scientific calculations
  • Literacy: by writing up scientific experiments and explaining scientific concepts
  • Evaluation skills as pupils examine their experiments and scientific theories

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