Welcome to English

Welcome to The Suthers School English department.

We are a department of English Language and English Literature specialists.
The fundamental vision of the English department is to secure a lifelong appreciation for literature and to develop students’ ability to harness the power of language. Our students are placed at the centre of our everyday practice. The curriculum at KS3 is focused on developing core skills, building the confidence of students to ensure they are secondary ready and collaboration with peers in order to achieve at KS4 and develop life long skills.

Our new KS3 curriculum, in Years 7 and 8, is engaging, inspiring and rigorous. We build upon the key skills taught at KS2 and we have developed an integrated topic approach to teach the three core skills of reading, writing and speaking and listening. The curriculum is centred on high quality texts through which we aim to teach transactional skills with a clear focus on developing literacy skills for life. Our assessments are timely and drive progress for all students. Students readily engage with feedback though planned DIRT sessions, which foster a genuine thirst for learning and a desire for success.

At KS4, the department follows the AQA exam board specifications. There are two main qualifications available to pupils:

English Language GCSE

English Literature GCSE (Literature is studied alongside Language)

KS4 English starts in Year 10 and continues through to Year 11 and the final GCSE exams.

Our KS4 curriculum covers a range of texts and will introduce students to works of literature from a range of British writers and time periods. Through the study of these texts, students will develop their analytical skills and understanding of communication, context and creativity.