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Students in Year 7 study a broad curriculum aimed at engaging them with the past, as well as understanding the links to today.

Shiver me’ Timbers

This unit introduces students to the key skills they need to study History through the topic of pirates.

These include:

  • Arguing
  • Chronology
  • Interpreting evidence
  • Using evidence
  • Balancing arguments
  • Causation


Students will then have a depth study of 1066 focusing on the lead up to, and the events of, The Battle of Hastings.

Students will learn:

  • Why should be King in 1066?
  • Why did Harold Godwinson win the Battle of Stamford Bridge?
  • Did Harold deserve to loose the Battle of Hastings?
  • Why did William win the Battle of Hastings?
  • How did William solve his problems when he became king? (The Feudal System)


Students will then build on their learning of 1066 to understand why Castles became an important aspect of medieval life after the Norman invasion.

Students will learn:

  • Why did the Normans build castles?
  • How did castles develop?
  • Castles in Battle: Attacking and defending
  • Who lives in a castle?
  • Why did castles decline?

Life and Death in the Middle Ages

Students will then continue their studies into life in the Middles Ages looking at areas such as:

  • How important was the Church in the Middles Ages?
  • Would you survive the Middles Ages? Health and Medicine.
  • The Black Death
  • Why did the Peasants revolt?
  • Could you have fun in the Middle Ages?
  • Crime and Punishment in the Middle Ages.

Terrible Tudors

Students will then continue their chronological study of History by looking at the Tudors.

Students will learn:

  • How horrid was Henry VIII? Wives and life.
  • Why did Henry VIII destroy the monasteries?
  • Edward VI: Why did the people rebel?
  • How ‘Bloody’ was Mary I?
  • Why did Lizzy never marry?
  • Why did Lizzy kill her cousin? Mary Queen of Scots.
  • The Spanish Armada


We take pride in our work and our student's books in History are exemplary. Students are encouraged to present their work well and respond to teacher feedback in order to improve their historical skills and make sustained progress.

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