Uniform & Equipment

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We take pride in our appearance at The Suthers School and whilst wearing our uniform students are always representing our high standards and expectations. To identify your uniform, we recommend you label it accordingly.

School Blazer – Regulation grey, with official school badge.

School Tie – Regulation tie (red). Clip on ties for September 2022 and any replacements.

Skirt or Trousers – Formal, plain black, knee-length pleated skirt. No stretch-fit, pencil style or skater skirts permitted. The rolling of skirts is not permitted. Plain black, school regulation formal trousers. No jeans, chinos or stretch material or skinny-fit trousers are permitted.

Shorts - Formal, dark grey, shorts may be worn with black ankle socks between May half term and up to October half term.

Shirt – formal white, long sleeves or short sleeves with stiff collar which must always be clean and tucked into the waistband. The rolling of shirt sleeves is not permitted. Coloured t-shirts or vest tops are not permitted underneath shirts.

Pullover/Cardigan – Grey V-neck cardigan (optional).

Black tights only – Socks are not permitted when wearing a skirt. A lighter denier may be worn in warmer weather.

Shoes – Plain black lace-up or slip-on formal leather/leather-effect shoes with low heels (no more than two inches in height). Please note that boots, trainers, fabric/pump-style or sling back shoes are not permitted. Alternative footwear for medical reasons must be communicated with school via a note or email. If non-regulation shoes are worn for any other reason communicated by parents or carers, a suitable pair of shoes will be issued on loan.

Trainers - Trainers must only be worn for PE lessons and sporting recreation. During break time, students may change their footwear to play sport on the field or MUGA. They should not be worn at any other times.

Coats are to be placed in lockers at the start of the day.

Sports clothing Dress Code:

PE kit –Compulsory: TSS unisex T-Shirt andTSS branded black crew neck sweater.

Plain black, full lengths bottoms. These do not have to have the official school logo and a discrete brand logo is permitted.

Plain black, full length leggings. These do not have to have the official school logo and a discrete brand logo is permitted.


Optional: Rugby Shirt, PE Socks

If you feel you need financial assistance with purchasing school uniform or equipment, please contact the school and ask to speak to our Senior Pastoral Leader Mrs Redmond.


At times of extreme heat students will be informed by the Head Teacher when ties and blazers can be taken off in school. It is expected that they will be worn at all other times, including outside of the classroom, on school trips and on journeys to and from school, unless otherwise instructed. Students are required to ask permission from a member of staff if they wish to remove their blazer during a lesson. Permission may be granted for some students in exceptional circumstances. When normal uniform rules apply, blazers must be worn outside of the classroom. Sleeves must not be rolled up. Ties will be worn smartly at all times to the top shirt button; they should be clean with no visible threads.


Students may only wear a watch (no smart watches) and one plain pair of stud earrings but no other jewellery is permitted. Facial piercings are not permitted. Plasters may not be worn to cover nose piercings or otherwise prohibited jewellery. A plastic retainer is required to cover any nose piercings.


Hats of any kind are not permitted in school. During extreme heat students may be allowed to bring a hat in for break and lunch times, only when informed by the Head Teacher. Hairstyles should not be extreme and should only ever be a natural colour. Parents should consult, in advance, with the Head Teacher if they are unsure as to the suitability of a change of style. The school shall be the arbiter of the term ‘extreme’.


Make-up, false nails and nail polish are not permitted. Only clear nail polish is allowed. In exceptional circumstances light foundation will be permitted to disguise skin complaints or medical conditions however parents must contact the school and receive consent from the Senior Pastoral Leader. Self-tanning is strictly prohibited. Any unpermitted use of make-up in school will result in confiscation and/or the student being required to remove it. False eyelashes are not permitted. Refusal to remove makeup or other non-uniform item will result in the student being isolated from other students until they comply with the regulation.


Students are not permitted to use a mobile phone at any point during the school day or within the school building at any point unless directed by a member of staff. If a student is caught using their phone, or their phone is seen or heard, it will be confiscated and put in the school safe, where it must be collected by a parent/carer at the end of the school day unless otherwise communicated. Smartwatches are prohibited.

If a student is caught using their phone/smartwatch, or their phone/smartwatch is seen or heard, it will be confiscated and put in the school safe, where it will remain until collected by a parent/carer at the end of the school day unless otherwise communicated.

If a student fails to comply with the regulation, they will be asked to hand their phone or device into school reception every morning to be kept in the school safe. The device can then be collected from the school reception at the end of the school day.


The equipment listed below is what your child will need every day.

They will be issued with a Student Planner at the start of term to help them organise their time and record important reminders about anything extra or different they may sometimes need to bring in. Your help and support in monitoring this would be very much appreciated.

Pencil case

3 pens (blue or black ink plus 1 red pen to uplift their work)

Ruler, protractor and compass



Pencil sharpener

Colouring pens/pencils (optional)

Black dry-wipe pen and cloth board wiper (starter set to be issued by school to all new Year 7s)


Other Equipment

Scientific calculator

A reading book (student choice of fiction or non-fiction)

Mini dictionary/thesaurus