Curriculum Intent

"Growth as an actor and as a human being are synonymous" - Stella Adler

Drama is a fundamental part of daily life. Whether that be enjoying your favourite film or TV series, expressing yourself through speech, being able to understand body language and social situations or having the confidence to speak to new people, Drama is instinctive to us all and is key to building confidence, open-minded individuals. Drama is also a fundamental necessity in education. Every child deserves the right to explore a variety of dramatic forms and styles, instilling a greater level of creativity, confidence and wellbeing.

At The Suthers School, we want our students to love experiencing and talking passionately about Drama for the rest of their lives. We have therefore thought critically and worked tirelessly to develop a Drama Curriculum that offers a breadth of knowledge and skills designed to develop confident, well rounded knowledgeable actors who have the passion and ambition to put their hearts into creating, understanding and enjoying performances. The study of Drama is a powerful form of creativity and communication that every student deserves to experience and develop expertise in; it is a cultural, historical and social reference point that speaks of and gives voice to some of the most vital aspects of human experience.

The Drama curriculum has been carefully designed and sequenced to produce an ambitious practical subject with vast amounts of theatrical knowledge. We offer students a rich tapestry of knowledge, skills and experience studying drama from different genres, time periods and styles as well as theatre technology and live theatre. Lessons offer an all-encompassing coherent dramatic approach where students connect immediately with their learning in a lesson where students are intellectually challenged with the skills and disciplinary knowledge needed to excel as an actor and theatre maker. Furthermore, the needs and interests of individuals are catered for, with students experiencing personalised lessons and scripts that will challenge them at every level. Drama is both a practical and an academic subject, with cross curricular links to many subjects. Our research informed approach means that drama lessons are about learning in and through Drama not solely about performing. Through this approach students develop and understand important life skills such as resilience, confidence, self- discipline and self- awareness. These skills are developed to help create well-rounded students which is then taken well beyond the Drama Studio into other subjects and preparing them for future life and the working environment.

We offer a broad range of experiences in our extra-curricular, which aim to open doors and give exposure to activities that students will not have had the chance to experience before. This includes, whole school productions, whole school concerts, annual summer showcases, as well as trips to see breath-taking performances. These experiences aim to give students the aspirations to not only succeed but to thrive in creating a future that is full of possibilities.

The Drama curriculum at The Suthers School empowers our students by:

Providing them with the key skills, knowledge and understanding of Drama to become actors and theatre makers.

Providing them with opportunities to explore scripts from difference genres and time periods.

Providing enrichment opportunities outside the classroom visiting theatres, concerts and museums.

Providing opportunities for critical engagement of Drama gaining intellectual curiosity, academic fluency and scholarly traits.

Creating a culture of creativity in school with opportunities such as productions and concerts.

Providing them with the opportunities to express themselves and build confidence in a safe space.

Providing opportunities to develop their team building skills.

Providing opportunities in every lesson to explore and display creativeness.

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